TSEKEDE REMIX- Dream Team ft AKA and Big Nuz








DreamTeam droped the Official remix to their current single “Tsekede” on the 15th November 2013, via radio and limited downloads on the crew’s offical website. The song, features industry heavyweights like “AKA” and fellow Durbanites “Big Nuz,” as well as up and coming songstress Tamarsha. The Tsekede Remix is already sounding like a summer anthem and the festive season hasn’t even started.  According to the trio, they are also in the planning stage for the video to remix. Which will be shot in Durban towards the end of November, and will be promoting the song as well as their existing catalogue of songs through a string of live performances.

Download The Oringal Tsekede on iTunes 

Listen to the Remix below

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One reply on “TSEKEDE REMIX- Dream Team ft AKA and Big Nuz

  • Siso Mjali

    Your Song is an abseloute Beaut guys..Dash from the Dream Team is such a good dancer hayy :) .Tamarsha has got a beaut voice.AKA,your need for a gold chain has never ended lol :)Big Nuz is just perfect,you guys play such a Beaut role there..

    Love Uu guys sooo Muxh Mahhnn.


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